Par Taowa Munene-Tardif
Holly is a girl who lost her mother in a car crash and stops talking. She goes to live with her father who is a wind turbine engineer and works in a research laboratory near a swampy wetland. Holly finds a swan caught in a net and rescues it.  Snowy, the swan is injured so she gets her father to help the swan recover. Due to Chinese law, Holly and her father are not allowed to care for the swan, so they must take the swan to a sanctuary. They arrange for Snowy to be picked up. The person who put down the nets that captured Snowy wants to recapture her.  He is hired by a businessman to get a swan for an indoor zoo. The truck that picks up Snowy is one of the businessmans trucks and not actually from the sanctuary. Snowy has been stolen.
I Swan
I liked seeing the evolution of the relationship between Holly and Snowy. They develop a friendship where she talks to Snowy for the first time since her mothers death. I like how Holly and her father make a plan to recapture the swan, even though her father knows that they cant legally take care of it.  This action makes Holly trust her father and she starts speaking to him again.
I would rate this film 9/10.  I liked it because of its spectacular images and its major plot twist. The story was original and well written.  It caught my attention and it was not boring. I would definitely recommend seeing this film.

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